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Addictions Recovery

Addictions are driven by emotions or past experiences that haven’t been dealt with completely.

Many people have recovered from addictions through self-help groups, which focus on accountability and changing behaviors.

Therapy approaches addiction from a different perspective, delving deeper into  individual history and psychology.

Both ways are good – the choice is yours.


If you are not interested in, or comfortable with the self-help group structure, I can work with you individually in therapy.  I will incorporate the knowledge I have of addictions recovery into a more personalized approach tailored to your needs.

Therapy and Self-Help

I have extensive experience with all stages of recovery, having worked in rehabilitation centers in the years before beginning my private practice.

If you are in a 12-step program, your work with me will enhance and accelerate what the Program offers.  I am very skillful at integrating my work with the 12-step principles and practices.

Whether you are new to recovery, or an “old-timer,” therapy can give you a confidential and safe space to explore painful feelings that may otherwise seem intolerable.  From that secure base you can make better choices in your life now.

Don’t delay any longer. Change happens when you take action.