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Arts and Entertainment

Having creative talent is a gift – but it can also be difficult at times.

Creative people tend to be highly sensitive, and therefore feel their emotions – even subtle ones – more intensely than other people do.

Navigating the world of arts and entertainment – with all of its politics, demands, rejections, and competition –  is challenging, to say the least.

From award-winning Hollywood professionals to emerging artists, I have helped people in all areas of arts and entertainment to reach their personal and professional goals.

As a published author, and as an artist, I have personally experienced and dealt with the challenges that the creative life poses.

Individual Therapy

If you are in a creative field, through individual therapy I can help you to understand your emotional temperament better – to accept it and value it.

Understanding and acceptance gives you a greater capacity to manage and use your emotions to your advantage.

I can also help you to recover from past failures or losses, to renew your belief in yourself and your work.

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching is oriented toward support of your creative expression.

I can help you with any of the aspects of a creative endeavor:

  • Building your confidence
  • Beginning a project
  • Tolerating the middle stage
  • Finishing the work
  • Marketing

Coaching gives you the structure and accountability to begin the projects you envision now – or to follow through with the ones you have started.

Don’t delay any longer. Change happens when you take action.