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My Book

Here is what one reader said: “This book made me, a person who thought therapy was for ‘crazy’ people, step back and realize that therapy can be for very normal people – and actually, rather than painful, it can be a very empowering process!”

My book, Someone To Talk To; Understanding How Therapy Heals, answers the questions and concerns you might have about speaking to a therapist for the first time. Written in clear and simple language, the stages of the process are revealed, step by step.

Anyone who is considering therapy – or anyone who has just begun – will find encouragement, hope, and the promise of new possibilities. This book shows how therapy can give you the freedom and courage to change situations which have been painful for a long time, and the ability to effectively handle new situations as they arise.

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Someone To Talk To: Understanding How Therapy Heals Available Now Paperback $14.95

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Praise for Someone To Talk To; Understanding How Therapy Heals

“Joyce Houser unravels the mystery of the therapeutic process, and gives us a priviIeged look behind closed doors of a most private world. Both mental health professionals as well as individuals seeking help will find this book valuable.”
– Joan Lachkar, PhD, psychologist,
author of How To Talk to A Narcissist

“Joyce Houser has written a clear and heartfelt book about therapy ‘to encourage and support you in your decision to change, and to prepare you for what you may experience.’”
– Eric Greenleaf, PhD, psychologist, author of
The Problem of Evil; Ancient Dilemmas and Modern Therapy

“I wish I had this book when I was in college! The only information I could find about psychotherapy was on theories…..nothing about what actually happens in sessions.”

– Christian Wyrostek
Page One Experts

Someone To Talk To; Understanding how Therapy Heals, offers a succinct and easy-to-grasp guide for teachers, students of psychology, and everyone interested in learning how psychotherapy works.”

– Catherine Portuges, PhD, Professor,
University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Finally a book that explores the ins and outs of psychotherapy in a way we can all understand. It is a must for anyone wondering what therapy is, or for anyone wanting emotional health.”
– Robert Jameson, M.A., MFT,
author of The Keys To Joy-Filled Living

“To read this book and to be open to its suggestions is already to be on the road to healing. The point is that the inner work of the soul is to be trusted, and this simple truth is caringly and simply stated.”
– Alan W. Jones, PhD, Author of Soulmaking