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For Educators

“I wish I had this book when I was in college! The only information I could find about psychotherapy was on theories…..nothing about what actually happens in sessions.”
— Christian Wyrostek, Page One Experts

If you are an educator in the field of psychology, this book can be a great addition to your list of recommended reading.

There are many psychology textbooks, but Someone To Talk To is not a textbook – instead it is a personal, insider’s view of the process of therapy itself.  It gives a step-by-step description of what a client may experience, without advocating or defining any specific therapeutic approach.

There is a great amount of clinical and diagnostic information that students must remember, and bring to their careers as new therapists.   Therapists early in their careers are fully preoccupied by the challenges of implementing what they have learned.  This leaves little capacity for awareness of a new client’s concerns about the process itself and his or her  relationship with the therapist.

This book helps student therapists prepare to address the spoken and unspoken fears of their new clients.  Stories in dialog form provide answers to questions such as:  “How does this actually work?  What if I start crying and can’t stop?  Why do I have to delve into the past?   Why should I believe that you care about me – I pay  you!”

Students who are considering entering the field, or who are in already training, will be encouraged by the book’s positive and hopeful point of view.  They will be able to get a feeling for what the work actually entails, what can transpire in a session, and how the intimate relationship between therapist and client develops.

Someone To Talk To provides a much-needed perspective on the personal side of a very personal kind of work.