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Has The Pandemic Changed You?


Depending upon how Covid impacted your life, you might have changed a lot.

If you became very sick, were hospitalized, or someone near you was sick, or died, you might have had a very scary and painful time. Grief, illness, unemployment, and the isolation of the many months have made a huge impression on everyone’s life, but on some more than others. Even if you and your loved ones were spared, Covid has caused an anxiety which is not easy to recover from.

A long life is not guaranteed, so at least can there be some lessons learned? Are there changes we can make to enhance the life that we have?

Here are a few ideas:

Slow down to enjoy the day.  

Western culture is oriented toward the future, not the present.  Not all cultures are the same, and as you might already know, many Eastern traditions value a focus on the present more than the future.  We miss out on the depth of our own experience when we rush through everything.

Make new and better choices when you can. 

For example, many people have realized that they would like to do a different type of work.  Have you considered a change but always put it on the back burner, or thought it was impossible?  Maybe now is the time to give that wish some attention.  

Or maybe you have wanted to leave a relationship but haven’t done it. The courage you need for that kind of change might be more available to you right now.

Nurture the relationships you value most. 

Who are the people closest to you, the ones you truly trust and love?  Let them know how much you appreciate them by telling them, and spending time with them. Even staying in touch by text is better than no contact at all.

Do what moves you.

Is there something you have always thought of doing but never made the time?  For many people it is travel.  For others it is something creative – like learning to play a musical instrument, or another form of art. 

The Pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but coming out of it with only despair or bitterness casts a dark shadow.

As with any difficulty, even tragedy, there is sometimes a silver lining to be found.  Have you found yours?  If not, look for it now!