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Business Professionals

“It’s lonely at the top.”

Success is driven by ambition, talent, and hard work, but the emotional dimension in business is too often overlooked. You might try to avoid emotions, but it isn’t possible.

When a problem arises that is not about the logistics of advancing your business, but instead is about emotions, where do you go? Whether it is your competition, a boss, your employees, finances, family or friends – you have a lot to deal with. Who do you talk to?

Individual therapy will help you with:

  • Handling the Pressure to Perform
  • Leadership and Management — People vs. Products
  • The Next Level — Navigating Growth and Transitions
  • Overcoming Setbacks and Losses
  • Addictions Recovery — Finding a Better Way to Cope
  • Balancing Work with Your Personal Life

I have helped professionals in many types of businesses, from start-up entrepreneurs to well-established C.E.O.s and other executives. Whether you are in a position in a small company, a large company, or a company of one, therapy can give you a confidential space to discuss problems, sort out emotions, and find solutions.

Emotions play a far greater role in the world of business than most people realize. Emotional intelligence is an asset you can’t afford to miss.

Don’t delay any longer. Change happens when you take action.