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Love and Relationships

We all want our relationships to be a source of love and fulfillment.

What we don’t expect is that we must work to make that happen.  I can help you to find – or build – a strong relationship that is healthy both emotionally and sexually.

Individual Therapy can help if:

  • You are single (possibly for a long time) and have difficulty with the risks and rejections of the dating process.
  • You are struggling with “Love Addiction.” Love Addiction is a pattern of getting involved too fast – emotionally or sexually – or both. You become obsessive, and experience pain and confusion. You seem to choose the “wrong person,” and are often attracted to people who are not suitable partners. Even when you realize you should leave a relationship, you can’t – or you leave and go back again and again.
  • You are struggling with “Love Avoidance.” Love Avoidance is a pattern of avoiding intimacy and commitment. Some people do not understand why they avoid intimacy – they just know it makes them uncomfortable. Fear is often the driver of avoidance. Some common fears are: loss of identity, loss of freedom, being controlled by another person, financial compromise.
  • A relationship or marriage has recently ended, and you are dealing with intense feelings  —  trying to adjust to what has happened.
  • You are in a relationship but having problems, and need help getting perspective on it.  You might have asked your partner to join you in therapy, but he or she has refused.

Couples Therapy can help if you are in a relationship or marriage now, but:

  • You have an ongoing conflict you can’t resolve.
  • You argue frequently, talk in circles, and become increasingly angry.
  • You and your partner experience emotional distance, feeling alienation and coldness between you.
  • An aspect of your sexual relationship (such as sexual frequency or style) is unsatisfying to one or both of you.
  • One of you has had an affair, and you are both struggling with betrayal of trust.

With my years of experience, I am able to stay neutral, understand both points of view, and quickly get to the heart of the issues.  I can teach you how to communicate well, to reduce the chance of arguing or withdrawing.  Good communication is essential, but it has to be learned.

Sometimes couples find it beneficial to work with me individually as well as together.

Don’t delay any longer. Change happens when you take action.