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Sound of Sirens


These are alternate lyrics for the song Sound of Silence – my contribution to the protest, the demand for change, and equal rights for everyone.


Hello protest my old friend,  you’ve come back around again.

For a vision that is worth keeping, and the value of it worth reaping.

And the vision needs to overcome the pain, which still remains, within the sound of sirens.

No one needs to walk alone, seeds of unity are sown,

Stay together when it’s cold or damp, find our power when we’re in one camp,

But the rage spills out and the peace turns to a fight, that splits the night, and brings the sound of sirens.

And in the morning light I saw, what was done the night before.

People stealing things without thinking, more brutality and not listening.

People losing sight of what they came to share, but no one dared, defeat the sound of sirens.

But then the fools pulled back in shame, voices said “This is no game.

Rise above yourself and take a stand. Dignity for all is what’s at hand.”

And their words, like calming breezes came, to ease the pain, and cool the sound of sirens.

And the people rallied round, hope once lost, again was found,

And the future might just give a face, to the people who have had no place.

And the word, said justice will be cast, won at last, to stop the sound of sirens.