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Therapy Is For Everyone


Do you think that therapy is only for people with “mental health problems”?  Wrong!  We all have emotions and they are complicated, and therefore not easy to understand.  Feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, shame and guilt are a normal part of everyone’s life, and they can sometimes can get very intense.

There are many situations and issues that commonly bring people to therapy. Some of them are: relationships; work and career; addictions; self-confidence; direction in life.  Therapy is a place to talk to an impartial person who is educated about emotions, and who can help you sort through whatever is on your mind.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to communicate better with your romantic partner, parents, friends, children?  The reason communication isn’t easy is because we get overwhelmed by the emotions behind the words.  You can’t communicate well when anger takes over and you are yelling. Or if fear is in charge it might make you back away from a situation instead of speaking up.

Don’t let outdated ideas about therapy stop you from taking advantage of what it has to offer.  Read more about how therapy works in my book:  Someone To talk To; What Really Happens in Therapy and How it Can Work for You. 

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